When you have a dental caries or better known as decay this means the enamel also called hard tissue of your tooth has been disrupted or infected which could produce severe and even unreparable damage leading pain, bad smell and even compromising overall health.

The primary solution for this type of condition would be a dental filling; A dental filling could cover up to 3 surfaces without compromising the integrity of the tooth if the clinician determines the tooth integrity could be compromised after the removal of the decay the dentist will indicate whats the bes option for you and your tooth.

A dental filling its a procedure where the infected area of the tooth is removed by the dentist using a combination of rotatory instruments and hand held instruments after the mechanical removal of the infected area is done a special solution is applied to the new non infected area of the tooth for a chemical and deep cleaning of any debris residue that could remain and its invisible to the clinician eye. A caries indicator solution could also be used only to reassure that avery decay particle has been removed.