What you need to know when you buy a new toothbrush

In today’s blog Dr. Melissa and I would like to talk about Toothbrushes; even though toothbrushes are a very small and simple tool in our world, the toothbrush are very crucial for our dental care, if you carefully think about it your toothbrush and how often you are using it are the only reason why you still have that great smile on your face.

But let’s stop for a moment and think about what kind of toothbrush are you using, as you know when we go to the oral health care aisle in you favorite super store you can realize that there are many options for you to choose.

There are so many options out there that sometimes you can feel a little bit lost and I don’t blame you even when I have to buy a new toothbrush i have to deal whit this BIG decision, should i try new one? If almost every toothbrush say’s medium is that the most popular and i should buy it?  Should I try an electric toothbrush? If i buy a bigger toothbrush will a clean more teeth at once?.

Well today we would like to explain to you how do we choose our toothbrush when we have to pick one at the store and i would like to start by talking about the bristle variety:

Bristle variety

As i mentioned before whenever I have to pick a toothbrush i have the problem that almost every toothbrush is labeled as a Medium strength bristle, sometimes but rarely i would find Hard bristle toothbrush  and many occasions i would find the Soft strength bristle.

Why are the bristle important and how should you decide which one to use, it mainly depends on how hard you brush your teeth and if you want to keep the surrounding gums around it healthy (Little Tip: you should keep them healthy).

Every one likes to have very clean teeth and we believe that brushing as hard as we can is the key for healthier teeth but actually the most important part about brushing is how good your brushing technique is rather than the strength that you use when brushing your teeth.

What could happen?

Medium and hard strength bristle could produce problems to your gums specially if your gums are delicate, how can you know? if your skin is fragile most likely your gum will be too. What can this bristle produce? medium and hard bristle’s lead to problems such as gum recession, tooth abrasion as well as damaging your roots surface. That will mainly relate to hyper sensitivity form your teeth.

That is why in ProDent we always recommend a soft strength toothbrush because it won’t harm your gums or your enamel. We know it would be hard to adjust at first but once you get the technique right you will realize how easy and calming it could be. It is almost like a massage to your gums very different form the sensation of stabbing your gums with a medium or hard toothbrush.

If you want to know more information of how to choose the perfect toothbrush, wait for the 2nd part of the blog.
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