Mercury Dental Fillings (Amalgam)

The dental amalgams safetines is a very well known topic in dental health and a very discussed one among dentist’s .

The reasons behind the discussion of how safety the amalgam (silver filling) is for the patient and the dental professional comes from the very reason that amalgam has high percentages of Mercury in its composition and it is well known and described in many scientific papers that high doses or amounts of this chemical will lead to a Mercury Poisoning.

Several symptoms are associated with mercury poisoning about a 100 have been related to, among the issues that it may cause are some digestive problems, emotional problems, energetical issues, headache’s and problems relate to lungs, heart, brain and throat.

As you can see mercury poisoning it’s a big issue in dentistry that could potentially produce problems in different areas of your body the reason behind this is that every silver filling has a certain amount of mercury and depends on the manufacturer of how much mercury will be used to produce the amalgam a little hint of how much mercury your old fillings have is the darker it is, that means the more mercury it has.

Even though there is a parameter or an amount of how much mercury should be used, companies can go from the lowest portion of composition to the highest due to a scale that is the standard for composition of an amalgam.

It has been proved that the temperature in your mouth will make the amalgam react to the heat and will begin to produce vapors that could or will intoxicate your body. Not only you can inhale this vapors but if any piece of the amalgam chip’s off you could also be ingesting this toxic element.

In Prodent we always recommend to remove this old metal filling with new bio compatible materials an better options for you and your teeth.

Don’t waste any more time stop inhaling this poisonous metal and make an appointment today.

There are global norms that restrict the use of this metal in factories and food production the question is why would we keep this toxic metal any longer in our mouths if we have better options now a days? Besides who doesn’t want witter brighter teeth!