Lo que necesitas saber antes de comprar un cepillo dental (Parte 2)

Hola amigos el día de hoy nos gustaría continuar con el tema que publicamos la semana pasada sobre como escoger tu próximo cepillo dental. Además trataremos algunos temas extras relacionados con el mismo, los cuales nos parece que son muy importantes para escoger tu próximo cepillo de dientes. Tamaño de la cabeza de tu cepillo […]

What you need to know when you buy a new toothbrush (Part 2)

Hello friends, today we would like to continue with the blog we posted a couple weeks ago talking about how to pick a toothbrush when you have to buy one. Today we will continue where we left last time talking about a couple extra topics you should think about next time you buy a new toothbrush Size of the toothbrush head […]

Que necesitas saber antes de comprar tu cepillo dental

¿Qué necesitas saber antes de comprar tu Cepillo Dental? En el Blog del día de hoy la Dra. Melissa y yo queremos hablar acerca de cepillos dentales, y es que aunque los cepillos de dientes sean una herramienta muy simple y fácil de usar en la vida diaria, para nuestra salud bucal significan una parte muy […]

What you need to know when you buy a new toothbrush

What you need to know when you buy a new toothbrush In today’s blog Dr. Melissa and I would like to talk about Toothbrushes; even though toothbrushes are a very small and simple tool in our world, the toothbrush are very crucial for our dental care, if you carefully think about it your toothbrush and […]

Truth behind silver fillings (Amalgam)

Mercury Dental Fillings (Amalgam) The dental amalgams safetines is a very well known topic in dental health and a very discussed one among dentist’s . The reasons behind the discussion of how safety the amalgam (silver filling) is for the patient and the dental professional comes from the very reason that amalgam has high percentages […]

Gum disease bacteria linked to esophageal cancer

The researchers, from the University of Louisville (UofL), KY, and Henan University of Science and Technology in Luoyang, China, report their findings in the journal Infectious Agents and Cancer. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every year, around 15,000 people in the US are diagnosed with esophageal cancer – a cancer […]